Terms and Conditions of ShaheenReza.com 

We hereby declare that the following words are true and we offer our customers in good faith that we believe we support the following terms and conditions fully.

By placing an order, a customer is agreeing to the general terms and conditions offered by ShaheenReza.com


The information provided on this site is true and all titles, articles and each of the terms and conditions associated with them are true. 

But if any error is found, and if you report them, we will take action to see whether it is true or false.

If the found error is true then we will redo the contract accordingly.

If we found that the presented error is false, then we will not provide any countermeasure against that.

Point to be noted, the information is always being updated, so you should be connected with us to see if it is already updated or not.

Product Description

The product description associated with any given product is true along with any terms, phrases, name and associated all kinds of articles are true if only any kind of FORCE MAJURE is not in progress.


Hereas we define FORCE MAJURE is any condition or effecet/s or event/s that cannot be controlled over time and mere force. Like cyclones, tsunami, central internet connection provider fault, epidemic, any kind of special occurrences forced upon by God. 


The information we provide are in good faith and in liaison with the customers we provide only transparent and real information. But if any error occurs, then the customer can claim the information to be an error and if after checking we find it fales, then we will provide an error-free report.

Quotation, Order, Order Confirmation

All quotations must be signed digitally or as scanned copy by the management of ShaheenReza.com. The quotation will contain possible terms and conditions mutually agreed by the buyer and the outsourcing company i.e. ShaheenReza.com.

All the terms and conditions are to be considered valid while the other side provide a formal work order consisting of all the possible information, rate, working time, working schedule, payment terms and conditions, payment method and deadline for the project. 

Upon agreeing to the details and payment terms, conditions and method, while two parties will sign the document whereas it is on digital signature or any other signature method agreed upon by both parties, then the work order will be proven valid and execution will be started after that.

Cancellation of Order:

If any disagreement between terms and conditions and breaking of them occurs from any of the parties, they can mutually solve it or cancel it accordingly. But the done work may call upon for payment according to the work order. But the cancellation cannot happen if minimum 50% of the work is already done.


The payment procedures should be already agreed upon by both parties while work order is provided. 

The pricing of the product mentioned in any agreement will be exclusive of VAT and Taxes of any kind.

If any other services by the company are required after the work order is made, it will be subject to a new quotation and work order as prescribed.

If any other services or media slots or plugins to be acquired, it may be subject to the customer’s expenditure and 15% service charge for obtaining them by the service provider i.e. ShaheenReza.com.


All the invoicing will be done according to the prices fixed on the work order. No other charges will be imposed upon the customer afterhand. The service provider will not take any price less than agreed upon. 

If any of the breaking of terms and conditions happen by any chance then a serious issue may rise and it may become subject to mutual meeting or understanding or cancellation according to the terms and conditions agreed upon in the work order previously defined. 

Intellectual Property Rights

All the intellectual property rights will belong to the service receiver if not agreed upon by both of the parties in any manner. If by any chance the cancellation of the agreement happens then the intellectual rights of all the works will belong to ShaheenReza.com.

Cancellation of the Agreement

If by any chance rather than FORCE MAJURE the cancellation of agreement happens, then the service receiver will be liable for all the works already done and minimum 30% of the payment will have to be made.


Both the parties will be liable to maintain confidentiality for each and every terms and conditions and they will not break the confidentiality even in any case/s.


If any settlement or arbitration is needed than it will be done according to WTO law.