Privacy Policy

This is a privacy policy created solely for “”, a website for the writing agency “ShaheenReza”, created under the sole proprietorship of Mr. Shaheen Reza. It will be applicable to all services or data collected for 

The privacy policy will be applicable to the following places:

  • On the Site
  • In email
  • Other services associated with the site

Readers are requested to read the privacy policy statement carefully. If there is any kind of difference that occurs with the statement, you may contact the authority of the website for further clarification and appropriate action to be taken.
Beside, you can also visit Terms and Conditions of for further clarification if necessary at any end.


  • Personal Information You Voluntarily Provide

Personal information you provide us through any forms, email, text, spoken words, social media page, chatbox, messenger, social media promotion, lottery etc.

  • Non-Personal Information

Non-personal information is also collected through available data on the internet and cookies. We also take some third party information where you have already accepted their terms and conditions to provide your data for marketing and other purposes.


Cookies are small packets of data you leave while you visit or engage with our website through your browser. We collect the information to create a better browsing experience for you on our website.

IP Address and Clickstream Data:

The data is automatically collected through our servers when you browse our website. The data is collected for the security of our own website and to clear up any mishappens.

Third-party marketing and app:

We are looking for data everywhere for our targeted clients. We take data already provided to third-party agencies where you have agreed to their surveys, their terms and conditions and their information providing privacy policy.

Targeted Advertising

The advertisement on our website and on other websites we have provided advertising options for us, we collect data when you click them. It can cookies and GIFs.

Social Media Platforms

We have many social media platforms where we are collecting data from service providers and service takers.

Deployed Cookies

We deploy the following cookies on the Sites:

  1. SFG
  2. Google Adx
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Google Ad Manager



We take the information for following purposes:

  • To provide information about our website
  • To provide monthly or weekly newsletters
  • To provide advertising to you about our website
  • To provide service related information you asked for
  • To collect data for providing service like your bank information
  • To provide services rendered for you
  • In case transfer of assets happen we will transfer the information to other party


Opting Out of Cookies  

You have your own options where you can deny if you do not want to face cookies from our and any other website. Every browser has their own option to stop cookies. You can just stop the cookies flowing through the browser with it.

Unsubscribe from Newsletter

If you have already given your information and agreed to our newsletter subscription, then you can also unsubscribe it from the option available with every newsletter we provide you through email. The option is at the end.

Other ways

You can also send us an email to if you think any of your information is being used incorrectly and not under your consent. The team will review your information and provide an explanation i.e. formal reply for the reason it’s happening or completely stop the service provided to you.


Data security for your information is available to us as we do not provide any of your information to any other third parties, any other commercial platform, any other persons, individuals or companies for further use.

However, we strongly advise you read our privacy policy first before you provide us any of your information.


You have the following data protection rights:

  • You can request us for accessing the data for correction, deletion or revise your data
  • You can ask us to restrict your data to specific usage.
  • You can withdraw your consent of using your data anytime through sending us a mail
  • You Can put a complaint to our mail if you find that we have used your data to any other usage than stated above


Right now, we do not allow you to contain data from any individual less than age 18 who has submitted any information through any of the means above. As soon as we get the data, we destroy it. However, if it’s cookies then it is not possible to track down the actual user’s age without consent. We strongly advise you to look over the usage of children using the information.


The privacy policy can be changed after every three months or six months. You should become updated with the policy from time to time.


We have a no refund policy for the data you have provided us. But if you want to change the information, you may ask for corrections anytime.