Shaheen Reza

Shaheen Reza
Trainer, Corporate Dream
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Rupnagar | Mirpur | Dhaka-1216

Key Experiences:

✔ Office & Services Management

✔ Procurement & Financial Budgeting

✔ Office setup 

✔ Staff Supervision & Development

✔ Certifying A/C Payable & Receivable

✔ Banking for the organization

✔ Policies & Procedures Manual

✔ Lease & Contract Management 

✔ Logistics & Event Management

✔ Departmental Budgeting

✔ HR & Personnel Administration

✔ Payroll & Documentation

✔ Accounting & Preparing Financial Statements

✔ Inventory Management

More than 12 years’ experience in administrative, human resource and financial management among multinational and national organizations named NRECA International Bangladesh, Doreen Group, Citycell and Grameenphone Ltd. Specific Areas of Responsibilities as follows:

Administration & staff supervision

  • Develop and implement appropriate system to ensure smooth operation of day to day office running activities like logistics, security and utilities including electricity, gas, telephone & emergency power backup.
  • Vehicle management; deployment, monitoring & controlling of usage, regular & periodical maintenance etc.
  • Manage expatriate’s issues; work permit, visa, air ticket, accommodation & other related services.
  • Organize training, workshop/ seminar and meeting, liaison with people, local and government agencies.
  • Manage procurements like enlistment of vendors, request for quotations, comparative studies of the quotations, selection of vendors to supply quality goods and performance evaluation of vendor/suppliers.
  • Inventory management including asset registers, asset transfers, physical checks and end of the project  procedures, oversee and responsible for the use and maintenance of the Assets & Vehicles in line with the rules.
  • Develop “Crisis Management” system to address the contingences to minimize the damage of life/health and assets.
  • Establish country office, deal with legal advisor for its required permissions from government.
  • Establish IT infrastructure like LAN, WAN and MIS system for country office and supervise monitor its operation toi ensure effective use services are available.
  • Maintain inventory for fixed assets and disposal.

Human Resources

  • Assists to develop HR strategy to ensure the Management is able to identify, recruit and retain quality staff.
  • Assist the Management to prepare a recruitment plan for organization.
  • Prepare Terms of Service and regulations, codes of conduct, functional guidelines, operational and logistic procedure, and capacity building initiatives for the organization.
  • Initiation, maintenance and termination of staff contracts and other HR formalities, overseeing the maintenance of leave and attendance records.
  • Overseeing the training needs assessment of staff and maintains training calendars, maintaining, and implementing staff evaluations and the annual HR plans for the organization.
  • Handling staff payroll, fringe benefits, withhold Tax and insurance in timely manner per organizational policy.
  • Maintain proper documentation related to staff time sheet, grievance and disciplinary actions, leave, transfer etc. and properly documented and reported to management as required.


  • Assist Management to prepare guidelines and procedure of financial management systems for country office.
  • Preparation of monthly Financial Statements for the Management, HQ and stakeholders.
  • Preparation of budget for country office operation and request fund transfer from HQ on timely manner and Carry out actual to budgeted variance analysis on periodical basis. Manage petty cash and periodical reconciliations.
  • Coordinating with the Project Managers to preparing budget in light of Project agreement and present those to Management for approval and fund allocation.
  • Ensure that proper procedure/guideline has been followed to approve the expenditure by the Project Manager.
  • Preparation of payroll for local staff and certify the expenditure for payment in light of budget and organizational guidelines.
  • Preparation and submission reports to GoB authority to comply with rules & fulfill conditions of country office permissions on timely manner.
  • Overseeing the finance staff in preparing of accurately journals, vouchers and timely bookkeeping.
  • Ensure proper filling procedures are following to keep all financial documents to face and complete annual audits.


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